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5 Small Business Ideas to Help You Start a Home Business Today

Small business ideas abound and with the proper knowledge these ideas can turn into a business you can start from home today and begin making money. Testing these business ideas can easily be done by either calling businesses in your area or simply canvasing local companies.

Here are some easy businesses that you can research and start almost immediately:

1. Office cleaning business – This business model is fairly simple. You remove office trash after hours and vacuum. Businesses will typically pay $35 to $70 per month for this service. It doesn’t have to be nightly. Maybe a company only needs trash removed once a week and will pay $35 a month.

2. Internet marketing specialist – Let’s face it most local business owners are not internet savvy. They focus on running their business on a daily basis. If they want internet traffic be their go to guy for this. There are many methods for advertising on the internet, learn these and begin offering these new marketing ideas to small business owners for a fee.

3. Online consultant – one thing I have noticed is how frequently I see new technology and software. What does this mean? Older persons have a hard time keeping up with new computers, installations, upgrades etc…be the go to guy/girl for these people and charge a reasonable hourly fee and they will give you more business than you can imagine.

4. SEO business – As I mentioned above, most local business owners are not internet savvy and many SEO companies are unable to deliver results for their clients. Many of these firms charge outlandish fees as well. Learn and utilize SEO and undercut the competition in your local area. Build a couple of test sites and get them ranked to show your new clients you can do the same for them.

5. Wholesale – Have an idea or a product you want to distribute? From t-shirts to bees wax, many of these companies start in their homes and expand from there. Make plenty of samples and begin going after your local market bringing samples into stores so they can showcase your product or attend festivals or open markets where consumers can see your products.

Remember the key to any business is successful marketing.

The Six Essential Steps to Start Your Buy-to-Let Business Today

The success of a buy-to-let property investment business is a well defined Property Investment Plan by visualizing and quantifying the end goal (bigger picture) in real-life measurable detail and to regularly review your progress.

These are the six essential steps to start your buy-to-let business today:

1. Create your legal structures

The biggest mistake new buy-to-let property investors make is to find the bargain of a life time without having the correct legal structure to invest in. Ensure you have the correct legal structure set up by professional property attorneys BEFORE you make an offer to purchase.

2. Develop your property sourcing system

Successful buy-to-let property investors have a number of unique “property bargain” network sourcing and marketing systems. They never buy properties at market value. Invest sufficient time and effort to build your sourcing network.

3. Set up a professional finance system

The financial institution is the buy-to-let investors most important business partner and they love investors who know what they want and how to get there. Build a long standing relationship with a successful pro-active bond originator or financial institutions who understands your Property Plan.

4. Hone your negotiation skills

Practice saves you money. Engage real life motivated sellers and practice your negotiation skills. You do not have to sign the offer to purchase if you are not comfortable to do so. The next bargain is just a phone call away.

5. Practice your due diligence technique

The second biggest mistake new buy-to-let investors make is to rush the detailed property due diligence. Practice your due diligence skills and force yourself to do ALL the numbers on paper or in a spreadsheet and NOT in your head and NEVER become emotional about the property. Successful investors always make unemotional offers strictly adhering to their investment criteria.

6. Review your Property Plan progress regularly

Annually review your property plan milestone achievement and adjust according to the latest market intelligence and state of the property market cycle. The ultimate objective of a successful buy-to-let property investor is to become financially free and to enjoy the journey. It sometimes takes longer than anticipated but perseverance will get you to your ultimate goal.